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CyberDrone has over years
of experience within the drone manufacturing, and entertainment industry. We have the expertise to create fast drones with extended flight time to ensure  high-quality show performance.

Our diverse team consists of engineers, artists, animators, live event specialists, and global business professionals.


We possess experience in working worldwide
and are ready to discuss and create unique stories together with you. 


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In-house production line

In-house production line

We develop and implement the best technological solutions of swarms.

Industry-leading show duration

Industry-leading show duration

A 20-minute drone show instead of 10 regular minutes.

Lightweight drone

With powerful motors, our drones provide solid flight experience. Weight less than  232 g for simple flight permits.


High stability and accuracy

Reliable dual-frequency global navigation, high speed animations and flight stability.

Brighter than ever

Brighter than ever

High-efficiency LEDs ensure ultimate visibility over 5 km.

Enjoy our drone light show without worries


We follow the worldwide safety standard for you
to enjoy shows without worries

  • Our drones have safety registration in the USA, EU, and Russia with covering worldwide insurance.

  • Our pilots are certified by the US FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) and the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency to fly multiple drones at night.

  • Worldwide permitted radio frequency and drone safety standard.

  • Automatic geofences control ensure the drones

      only fly in a predetermined area.

  • Lightweight drones for easier logistic management.



The price depends on the number of drones and complexity of animation.
We tailor the show according to your budget. 

100 drones

250 drones

500 drones





How high can your drone fly?
During the show, our drone can fly at an altitude of

100-300 meters depending on the animation size.

How far can my audience see the show?
The visibility range is 5 km.

How much wind can your drone handle?
We can perform drone shows in winds up to 5 m/s.

How long is your drone show?

The total time for the drone show is 20 minutes.

Can the show happen above the water?

Yes. Please contact us, and our specialists will engage with you.

Can I get a refund due to COVID-19 pandemic?
You can reschedule the show or receive a full refund. 
For receiving a full refund, you’ll need to document or attest that your event on pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can your show run longer?
We do have the option for clients who wants a longer show. Please contact us, and our specialists will engage with you.

Will the show continue if it rains?

In general, the drone can fly if it is light drizzle.

Our pilot is the ultimate decision-maker regarding flight conditions and will prioritize safety first. Our team will always discuss this with you before making any decision.

Can I get a refund due to weather-related cancellations?

When we work on the show with you, we do our best

to forecast the weather. Of course, the weather is not always predictable. If the weather does change suddenly, then we can postpone the show to a different day. Due to weather-related cancellations, it is not refundable.


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